Cream Directors…an inspirational mix of our very talented Directors together with Peggy and Gary which creates Cream Directors.

We are a Director’s Management company working globally with Production Companies, Advertising Agencies and Clients….this allows flexibility and freedom of choice for all our clients

We focus on the inspirations needed to make films…at it’s heart filming is a collaboration…..at the very heart of Cream Directors are the Directors who are the creative collaborators.

Peggy Wood and Gary Dickson with many years of experience in TV commercial production, Feature films, Post, Animation manage the Directors to leave them free to explore their Creativity.

Together we understand the needs of Clients and Brands. You need Directors who are visual creators, thinkers, makers, provocateurs, fundamentally you love what we love which is their final film projected on the screen. That is what the audience engages with.

Cream Directors are looking for ideas born on paper, texts, matchbook covers, laptops or a tablet. Ideas that need to be translated into brilliant magic illuminating every screen. All done with heart and looking to entertain, engage and get people talking about what they have seen.

We have made in collaboration with our Clients and Directors many beautiful, challenging and inspirational films since 2007….but what excites us the most is what we have yet to make.

That is why we say…..“We Start Here.”